Winter Home Sales in Minnetonka Minnesota

winter home sale in Minnetonka
Winter street

Winter Home Sales in Minnetonka Compared to Other Seasons

As a real estate professional, I am often asked to compare winter home sales in Minnetonka to the warmer seasons in Minnesota. It is a fact that sales tend to be stronger in the spring, summer, and fall. Most will not like the thought of listing during the holiday season. They also don’t like moving in the winter. This preference for the warmer months is understandable.

However people move at all times of the year, and there are winter home sales in Minnetonka recorded in December, January, and February. Sometimes people move by necessity and other times both home buyers and sellers see advantages to selling in the coldest part of the year. There is a strategy behind marketing your home when the snow flies.

Begin With Finding an Experienced Local Realtor

It only makes sense, if you are a seller or a buyer, you want an outstanding realtor to work with you. Look for someone local because they can be a valuable source of information for you if they know the area well. If you are selling your home, you mainly want a realtor that has several years of experience behind him — a professional for all seasons with a solid marketing plan who knows how to get those winter home sales in Minnetonka.

Selling Your Home in Winter Has Advantages

Winter home buyers are not window shoppers. People who leave their cozy homes and trudge through snow and ice to look at houses are serious buyers. Without a doubt, there are fewer home buyers in winter. However, it only takes one to fall in love with your home and make an offer.
Another advantage is you will have less competition. Fewer homes on the market increase your chances of selling. That is the name of the game. Being a winter home sales in Minnetonka statistic is the prize.

Does Your Home Shine in Winter

A super energy efficient home will have a strong impact on winter buyers. If your property has a heated garage, energy efficient furnace, solar options, windows and doors that have high-efficiency ratings or extra thick walls and insulation, this might be the time to show it off.

Only you know when the best time is to sell your home. But whatever the season, remember our earlier recommendation. Find an experienced and knowledgeable local agent and make your winter home sales in Minnetonka a reality.

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