Stage the Kitchen – Sell Your Home

When you sell your home, stage the kitchen.

Stage the Kitchen – Sell Your Home

You should definitely stage the kitchen when you sell your home. The kitchen can either make or break the sale. Since you are selling your Minnetonka home, it stands to reason you don’t want to blow your entire fix-up budget on one room. Don’t worry. If your kitchen is dated and dreary, there are many ways to turn it into a bright, clean space that will impress potential buyers.

Start with the basics which will cost you no more than a bit of your time. Remove all the kitchen clutter. The ultimate goal is to have a bit of room left in the kitchen cabinets, and the countertops clear of everything except a bowl of fruit, a vase of flowers, and maybe a cookbook on a stand. We are also going to suggest you clean as you go along. The result will be a kitchen so clean it sparkles and so tidy and organized that the most particular neat freak will be impressed. Following are the suggestions you can take to accomplish your goal.

Declutter and Clean

  • Remove everything from the cupboards one by one
  • Throw away anything broken, with missing parts, or has no value
  • Donate everything you don’t need or do not us since it makes no sense to move your clutter to a new home
  • Get a jumpstart on your upcoming move by packing everything you don’t need while you sell your home
  • Wash out all the cabinets and put what is left back in a neat and organized fashion

Evaluate and Update

Now evaluate what you need to replace and what you need to clean and refresh. If you are not sure about what to do, the advice of a top Minnetonka Realtor would be invaluable.  A good place to start is with the appliances. If they are old and outdated energy hogs, I would suggest replacing them. That doesn’t mean buying top of the line smartest and greatest. You can get basic models of a refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher for a reasonable price. Stainless steel is your best option to appeal to today’s buyers.

Fix, Refurbish and Replace

The least expensive ways to update your kitchen.

  • Paint the cabinets. Consider it as a DIY project to keep the cost low
  • If you have wood cabinets in decent condition clean them thoroughly and give them a coat of wax
  • Replace the cabinet hardware
  • Update the lighting fixtures
  • Install a new kitchen faucet
  • Paint the walls a neutral color in line with the rest of the room
  • Add a backsplash which can also be a DIY job with self-adhesive tile options

Stage Your Kitchen Up a Notch or Two

Taking the kitchen staging to the next level may be in the realm of possibility if you plan to allocate more to your budget.  Consider the following upgrades.

  1. Update the countertops with granite. It has become much more reasonably priced than it was previously and is an excellent way to up the resale value of your home
  2. Replace the flooring with laminate or ceramic tile

Once you have made all your repairs and upgrades, you will be surprised at the transformation. When you stage the kitchen, you may like it so much you decide to stay!  If you still want to sell, don’t forget to call the best Realtor to sell your Minnetonka home.



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