Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning begins
Neat and organized linen closet.

Get Ready for Summer by Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning time is here! Summer is right around the corner. Yeah! So if you have not yet done any spring cleaning, boo hoo, no more excuses. It’s time to clear out the clutter that accumulated over the winter. The days are warm and brighter; flowers are in bloom and birds are feathering their nests. Follow their example and kick off summer with a clean, fresh home.

Where to Begin?

Starting a project can be a hard thing to do for many people. Some have a habit of holding onto things too long. Clothes they haven’t worn in years, broken appliances, and old furniture. My advice is to start with your closets and go room to room working at a pace you find manageable.

Break your clutter removal assignments into categories like clothing, toys, books, DVDs, and CDs. Don’t forget kitchen stuff, health and beauty aids, tchotchkes, pantry items, and home office supplies.

Sort and Evaluate

Take everything out of closets, cabinets, and drawers. Consider each item and separate them into three categories, thrash, donate or sell, keep. General guidelines to follow are if you haven’t worn or used something for over a year, toss it. If an item is past its use date, dispose of it. If you have not cooked in it for years, it should go. Be honest with yourself when deciding the faith of each item. If you have not made a soufflé in 4 years, do you need to keep that specialty pan? Do you have gift items you never used that are still in the original boxes? Consider re-gifting to someone you know might appreciate it.

Granted that books, DVDs, and CDs may need a different evaluation guideline. You should know when your music tastes have changed to a point where you will never listen to old Monkeys songs again. Are you going ever to watch Rocky II another time?  You get the idea. Isn’t spring cleaning fun?

Keep or Toss?

As you evaluate your items, if something is in disrepair, missing parts it might be best to toss it. Same goes for torn or stained clothing. If it is in fair to good condition you may be able to sell it, or if not donating is an excellent option. Keep in mind that there is a trend now for refurbishing so that old scratched and dented dresser might be perfect for someone who loves repurposing.

Keep in mind that it is perfectly natural to want to hold on to some items that have no value other than sentimental. That is fine, and you should hold on to those things. Be honest with yourself though and do not use this as an excuse to keep that old tube of lipstick you bought on a shopping trip in the last city you called home.

Pace Yourself for Success

Going through everything (unless you have very little stuff) in one day can be tiring and self-defeating. You didn’t accumulate all this stuff in one day so don’t expect to go through it all at once either. Dividing the work up into sections for each day is the best plan. If you start with closets, seeing all your clothes hanging neatly and sorted by item and color will serve as an inspiration to move you forward to the next assignment. When you finish the entire project, you will be amazed at how open and spacious your home will appear. That’s why I love spring cleaning!

Don’t you feel great to have spring cleaning behind you? Now don’t waste a minute. Get out there and enjoy summer. 


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