Best Realtor to Sell my Home

When I meet with home buyers around the Minnetonka MN area I often get the same questions. How do I find the best realtors to sell my home? Who are the top Minnetonka selling agents? Should I use the same realtor to sell my home that is helping me buy a home? Realtors in Minnetonka will answer these real estate questions differently. This post will provide advice so that you can choose your realtors wisely.

Top Minnetonka Listing Agents

The best realtors to sell your home can be the best realtors to help you buy a home too, but not always. Ask yourself, do I want to focus on buying a home first, or would I rather sell my home first. Do I need the equity out of my house in order to buy a new home? Will I want the peace of mind that my home is sold. What if I get my hopes up on buying a new home before mine is sold? Should I close on the sale of my house on the same day as my purchase?

Using the Same Team to Buy and Sell

It is important to be on the same page as your real estate agents. In addition, it is essential that your listing realtor and your buying realtor work well together. One of the best ways to buy and sell a home in Minnetonka is to have the same team represent you on the buy and the sell. Top Minnetonka Real Estate teams will have a listing specialist and a buyers specialist who work well as a team. This allows you get personal attention when you are buying a home at the same time as selling a home. Your listing agent focuses exclusively on the sale of your home. While your buying agent focuses exclusively on finding and negotiating the purchase of your new home. Both agents work in unison to implement a strategy that is in your best interest.

Same Realtor to Buy and Sell

If you use the same realtor to buy your home as you do to sell your home make sure they have the expertise and time to handle both. When the market is hot and Realtors are busy this can be a challenging task. Often times, top realtors are too busy marketing and showing your house to be able to show you homes. Some agents are great at identifying home buying opportunities, but aren’t experts at home marketing. It is critical that you identify your wants and needs. Find a realtor with skills and strengths that correlate with yours.

Different Realtor Skill Sets

It is imperative that you analyze the ability and determination of a top realtor to help you sell your home. The skill set needed for a Realtor sell your home is different than the skill set to help you find and buy a home. When you are selling a home for instance, staging, photography, video, writing, sales, and marketing skills are most important. But if you are buying a home, for example, availability, negotiation, networking and personal connections become more important. Of course, there are a lot of overlapping skill sets. But having the expertise to carryout, advise, and manage them is crucial.

Choose the Best Minnetonka Realtors

Remax Results team The Minnesota Property Group are top Minnetonka Realtors. Team leader Joe Houghton is the teams listing Realtor. He is a top Realtor in Minnetonka to sell your home. Mike Milne, Derek Irving, Andrew Klinkner, and Paul McGuire are the teams best agents to help you buy Minnetonka real estate. The Minnesota Property Group works together seamlessly to help you buy and sell Minnetonka Homes. Give our mobile phones a call today. See for yourself why our reviews for realtors in Minnetonka MN are so fabulous.

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