Best Realtors in Minnesota

Minnetonka Real Estate Agent

Minnetonka Real Estate Agent Joe Houghton is the team leader of the Minnesota Property Group of Remax Results. Joe is also the team listing specialist. If you have ever met Joe in person you likely realized that he is the “anti-salesperson” salesperson. Joe hates when people try to sell him something, consequently, he is not alone. When Joe started his real estate in 2002 he focused on doing the right thing. He had 3 incredible mentors and learned the business from some of the best and most successful Minnetonka Real Estate Agents. Seventeen years later Joe is mentoring other Minnetonka Real Estate Agents and spreading his philosophy.  Always be honest, always be ethical, and always always always put your clients first.

Minnetonka Real Estate Agent Listing Specialist

Minnetonka Realtors are not all listing specialists. Some Minnetonka Real Estate Agents are strictly buyer’s agents. One of the most important things you can do if you are looking to hire a Minnetonka Realtor to sell your home is to do your research. There are great non-biased websites that share Real Estate Agent performance metrics. However, you should take care to use reputable websites like Zillow.  Most importantly, if you are considering selling a home in or near Minnetonka Minnesota, give Joe a call. That is to say, if you want to work with the best Minnetonka Realtors. For a peek at Joe’s most expensive Lake Minnetonka Listing check out 5315 Howards Point Road.

Minnetonka Realtors Know The Area Well

To learn about Real Estate in Minnetonka, talk to top local Realtor. The best Minnetonka Real Estate Agents will know the intricacies of the City. Furthermore, they will know about new developments before the general public. In addition, it is important that the Realtor you choose to work with is knowledgeable about the Schools. The City of Minnetonka encompasses The Minnetonka School District, the Hopkins School District, and the Wayzata School School  District. That is to say, all of these school Districts have boundaries that go through Minnetonka. The school district that the home is in will often influence the value of the home. The Minnetonka School District, for example, serves families in parts of Minnetonka, Chanhassen, Deephaven, Eden Prairie, Excelsior, Greenwood, Shorewood, Tonka Bay, Victoria, and Woodland. 

Homes For Sale in Minnetonka

At any given time during the year, there will be over a hundred homes for sale in Minnetonka. Consequently, you will see the names of several different Minnetonka Real Estate Agents. When a home buyer sees a Realtor’s name on a for sale sign they often assume the Realtor is an active local agent. As a result, they end up calling that agent for local real estate advice. If that agent doesn’t know the area well, their advice might lead them astray. In conclusion, knowing that the Real Estate Agent you get your information from is at the top of their field, is invaluable.