Clever Home Selling 101

Clever Home Selling 101

Paying attention to clever home selling tips is a smart move when you are listing your home. Your goal is to present your house in the best way possible.  You probably don’t want to spend a large sum of money either.

Several easy and cost-effective ways to up the buyer appeal on your home can be done in a weekend. The following tips involve small cash outlays but does require rolling up your sleeves and doing some work. Ultimately you will find it worth your efforts.

Clever Home Selling Tip #1

Deep cleaning your home is the first step towards impressing buyers. I mean cleaning the walls and woodwork. Wash the windows and clean or update the drapery, shades, and blinds.  Clean the carpets professionally. Get in the bathroom and scrub the tile and floor. Head to the kitchen and detail all the appliances.

Get Rid of Clutter is Tip #2

Decluttering your home is critical. Too much furniture makes your home look crowded and small. Clothing spilling out of your closets sends the signal that your home is short on closet space and is not a clever home selling strategy.

If for even one second you think you can skip this step think again. Just because I like you, here’s a bonus. By getting rid of clothes, books, kitchenware, knick-knacks, toys, and other stuff now will make packing and moving later so much easier. Now is that a clever home selling tip or what?

Clever Home Selling Tip #3

Examine the walls in every room. Fill nail holes or any other issues that you find. Follow up by sanding and touching up the paint. Another smart home selling trick.

Change light bulbs is Tip #4

Having your home look light and bright improves the look of your living space. Exchange all the light bulbs in the house with as high a wattage as possible with a soft, flattering light. Now admit that makes a huge difference for a modest output of both cash and time.

Clever Home Selling Tip #5

If your mailbox looks old and tired, freshen it up with a can of spray paint or replace it. Plant a few flowering annuals around the bottom of the post as a finishing touch. Clever home selling ideas work outside the home too.

Clever Home Selling Tip #6

While we are outside this is an excellent time to prune the shrubs. If you see any weeds while you’re trimming gets rid of them. Strategically plant some annuals for pops of color.

Clever Home Selling Tip #7

If the mat in front of your main entry door looks sad, replace it. Or, if it’s still in good condition give it good cleaning. Keep in mine buyers will be looking around at your front entrance while the Realtor is unlocking the door.

Clever Home Selling Tip #8

Plastic outlet covers and switch plates tend to yellow with age. Replacing them is an inexpensive upgrade that will get attention. If you have aluminum, steel, enameled or painted covers, give them a cleaning.

Clever Home Selling Tip #9

Clean out the ashes and soot from your fireplace and stack up some birch logs on the grate. If you don’t use your fireplace, consider putting some candles in the opening and some greenery around the hearth.

It’s incredible what a minimal investment of time and money can produce when spent wisely.  Let us know in the comments if you have some clever home selling tips of your own to share.

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